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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is the use of low intensity lasers to treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries as well as chronic and degenerative conditions.

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Chiropractic Therapy

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach including chiropractic, massage therapy, laser therapy, and custom orthotics for the most comprehensive care for each of our patients.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an effective form of preventative health care.

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Thiel Chiropractic & Okanagan Laser Solutions is located in the heart of Central Okanagan in Kelowna, BC.

Our clinic offers a multitude of services and products to best meet our patient's needs. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive care to all of our patients. Health is by choice, not by chance.

Dr. Markus Thiel

As a Kelowna Chiropractor, Dr. Markus Thiel has been serving Kelowna and the Okanagan community since 2001. Dr. Thiel creates individualized treatment plans that are specific to the needs of each of our patients, working to isolate the source of their pain not only to heal their injuries, but also to prevent future injuries and pain from occurring.

As the head of Okanagan Laser Solutions, Dr. Markus Thiel provides a service that few other offices in the Okanagan offer. Low Intensity Laser Therapy has the ability to treat a variety of muscle and connective tissue injuries and degenerative conditions. This form of therapy is both painless and non-invasive, and it promotes healing with lasting pain relief.

What We Do

Laser therapy reduces the need for medication and surgery. The treatment has no side effects and is entirely painless.

The Bioflex Low Intensity Laser Therapy system will speed your recovery time and healing, reduce your pain, decrease inflammation, and improve your range of motion. It also has the ability to reduce your need for medications and even surgery. Allow pain to be your past, not your future.

View a list of treatable conditions which can greatly benefit from laser therapy treatments by Okanagan Laser Solutions.


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View our video interviews with real patients who had real issues which were greatly helped by their visits to Okanagan Laser Solutions.

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Read our informative articles, written by our very own Dr. Markus Thiel.

What our clients are saying

"The laser treatment has brought a new lease on life - more energy, movement, sleep, and a renewal of activities long forgotten. But the best part of all is there is no pain." - Sharon F., Educator, Kelowna, BC.