Video Testimonials

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What surprised you about the treatments?

Patients comment on their reactions to receiving laser therapy.


Shelly's Story

Condition: 3 years of debilitating facial pain as well as various other injuries.


Master Dan Zaleski, Former Tae Kwon Do World Champion, 8th Dan Black Belt

Condition: tear of the Achilles tendon.


What was your injury?

Patients discuss their various injuries and how laser therapy helped them.


What other options did you have?

Most patients had tried several different solutions before trying laser therapy.


Mike Hill, Professional UFC Fighter

Condition: Two bulging discs in lower back. Doctors told him he would never fight again.


Sharon Foster

Condition: severe arthritis involving both hands and hip.


How is Your Injury Now?

A compilation of testimonials by several patients who have benefitted from laser therapy.


Gloria Taylor

Condition: ALS patient, a debilitating disease characterized by rapidly progressive weakness and muscle wasting.


Chris Rowe, 4th Dan Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do.

Condition: pulled and inflamed hamstring.


Mike Chouinard

Condition: inflamed rotator cuff and strained bicep muscle


What do the treatments feel like?

Patients describe the various sensations during laser treatment sessions.